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Hanguler represents all passionate Korean learners around the world.
If you’re learning Korean, now it’s your turn to join the hanguler community.

Meet Our Team

We believe that speaking is the key to learning a language.
Meet our team, a group of passionate individuals who make Hanguler possible.

Haneul Yi


I studied pedagogy before Hanguler, and I like traveling across the blue, blue sky. I expect whoever meets Hanguler would have a good opportunity through improved Korean speaking.

Jungeun Lee


After tutoring several international students as a Korean buddy at Ewha Womans University, I joined Hanguler to meet more Korean learners around the world. Find me for Korean study tips!

Juhee Lee


My name is Judy, and I love coffee! I started out as an unofficial Korean translator on Twitter, hoping to help fellow international K-pop fans. If you like K-pop, come look for me!

Gyuree Kim

Software Development

Print(“Hello world!”); Hi, guys! I’m managing overall software projects and constructing an engineering system with the development team! I am here to make a short connection between the learners and the team.

Hyein Lee


Hi! I’m Hyein. I love communicating with our tutors, and help provide a fun and informative class to you. If you have a favorite tutor, tell me in secret! I’ll let them know.

Soozie Kam

UX/UI Design

Hi everyone! I’m Soozie and this website is made by me. I’m majoring in Educational Technology and I want to help more people learn Korean easily. Let’s study Korean with Hanguler!

Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors are Korean language education professionals who share a passion of helping learners to study Korean in the most effective way. If you are curious, try the button and take a sneak-peek of our tutors!


Jiwoo Yang

Hi~ Nice to meet you. I like K-pop stars and listening to K-pop music. Let’s talk about your favorite K-pop star together. I’ll teach you important Korean words, and you’ll be able to better understand the lyrics!

I had enough time to practice the vocabulary on my own! The teacher guided me very well.

It feels like you are talking to a friend instead of a teacher. The class did not pressure me nor made me feel nervous, so it was very enjoyable.

The immediate feedback given by the teacher is practical, appreciated.

The instructor was friendly and professional.

The teacher speaks slowly and clearly and was very encouraging!


Yeonkyung Lee

Hi, I’m Yeonkyung. Have you seen the beautiful mountains and the blue sky in Korea? Have you walked the ancient palaces in Korea, wearing colorful Hanbok(한복)? When you feel like you want to talk to somebody in this busy era, why don’t you come have a conversation with me? I will be there for you to imagine and experience the Korea in your dreams.

I can see my progress in a short amount of time. I am more comfortable speaking than I have ever been.

The teacher is very helpful and kind, and the feedback is very clear and detailed.

Teacher explained me well in English when I didn’t get it and also explained everything well in Korean and helped me talk in korean.

Teacher is friendly and explained and corrected my Korean very well.

It’s so quick and easy to do a lesson. Even though I forgot and was a cafe, I could still step out side and do my lesson! My learning never stops.


Hanchan Lee

Hi, I am Hanchan teacher. I like watching sports game and trip. Do you like sports game or trip? Let’s talk about it. And I will teach you some helpful Korean expression and vocabulary.

I feel a little more confident after speaking with Tutor HanChan for the second time. I was also not afraid to make mistakes because I know that the tutor would correct me right away.

I liked how the teacher suggested more proper phrases I can use in the same situation.

I enjoy the fact that I have the chance to speak in Korean with someone who is actively listening and who is trying to correct my mistakes.

The teacher asked further questions to let me try to make sentences immediately, and teached me the proper sentences which people usually use.

편한 분위기에 선생님과 대화를 하는 것이 좋습니다.


Geunha Lee

I like traditional Korean food and travel spots. Do you have any Korean food or places you’d like to try? If you do, let’s talk about it together and learn Korean fun and easy.

The teacher wrote some tips of pronunciation, let me understand how to pronounce correctly.

Good and thorough instruction.

It was a good chance to speak freely.

선생님과의 대화가 내 학습목표에 도움이 되었어요.

Today’s class was perfect. He was very friendly and easy to talk to.